Connecting people through the grapevine


Fourty percent of Amsterdam citizens between 25 – 40 years old are single. Many of them try dating apps, but they miss the instant human connection. Many of them feel the need to go back to a time when people could meet for the first time in person.

The challenge

Dutch young urban professionals need new ways of connecting with like-minded people, because it’s difficult to find common interest and lifestyle through online channels.

The objective

To design a product or service that will connect like-minded people through a common interest.

The research

We’ve spoken to users of dating apps and single urban residents in Amsterdam and we found a common frustration of dating apps being superficial and short term. 

“Trying to find a needle in a haystack, that’s how I’d describe it. What if there was a way to filter down people based on similar interest and lifestyle..” interviewee

Something that really stood out was that people wanted to go back to the ‘offline era’ and meet people in person, rather than via a screen.

Our research also unveiled the barrier for travellers to book a weekend by themselves. Therefore, as one of the main features, we’ve incorporated is a review section which will make users feel at ease about the legitimacy of the organisation before they commit.

The solution

An offline wine weekend that is supported by an online platform where participants can easily book and browse for upcoming weekends. Solo travelling wine lovers in their 30’s and 40’s can connect through a fully organised premium foodie weekend, getting to know everything about wine making and about each other. 

My responsibilities

User Research
UI Design
Logo Design