Human and innovative rehabilitation


Hocoma is global market leader in the development and manufacturing of robotic and sensor-based devices for human movement therapy. In 2016, Hocoma formed a partnership with Motek, a global leader in virtual rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation patients need to trust movement therapy solutions to regain confidence in their own bodies.


To become the trusted total solution provider over the entire rehabilitation continuum. Merging Motek’s & Hocoma’s Corporate Design that reflects a strong visual connection, yet still keeping its own unique characteristics.

Design solution

A people-inspired, colourful and typographic brand identity. By using photography of real people in realistic situations, patients would feel self-assured to achieve remarkable results with Hocoma’s and Motek’s solutions. In parallel, emphasising high quality and innovation builds brand trust and reliability.

The brand identity is shared through an online brand portal that is accessible for all staff. This includes all downloadable assets and typography, font and colour guidelines.


Art Direction
Brand Identity Design
Final Artwork

In collaboration with

Brand & communications agency Meijer & Walters, Amsterdam.