Winnaar - Packaging Talent Award 2015

Project // Koedybag
Client // Koopeenkoe.nl and BNO Packaging Talent Awards 2015
Activities // concept and design for home delivery packaging of high quality meat



The Dutch Association of Designers (BNO) organizes the annual Packaging Talent Awards for young designers. A business case is presented for which a design concept should be developed. The submitted work (all Dutch and Belgian design students or recent graduates are eligible to participate) is judged by a panel of professionals of creatives and marketeers.



The assignment for this competition is to create a concept and design for a small-scale crowdbutching initiative. Packaged and cooled meat is sold and home delivered in a box that fits in the freezer.


Insight & Result

The consumer who orders this meat has chosen for high quality meat with relatively low environmental impact. So this is a real treat,  a luxury package, a goodybag. And that’s where the Koedybag (koe = cow) was born! The cardboard box having the shape of a bag completes this concept. Despite the uneven shape, it is still easy to transport and store.