Saving up for your next adventure

Banking app


RMIT Melbourne


Financial Services


Competitive landscape review, User flows, Usability testing, Prototyping, Branding, UI Design.

logo and illustrations of people


Walley Bank is a new kid on the block in the Australian market and is looking disrupt the banking world by offering a refreshing new banking app that meets the needs of its customers.

My role in this project was to:

  1. Create a visual identity and a foundation for a design system for Walley Bank
  2. Design a section in the app where saving is encouraged through big and small saving buckets.
  3. Design new payment section


User research has been done and 2 key personas have been identified: The Big Spender and The Organiser. The Big Spender mainly needs support in managing savings, whereas The Organiser is in need of an overview of savings and transactions.

Persona description_the organiser

User flow

Our flow diagram displays the structure and functionality of the app from a user standpoint. My role for this project was focusing on the savings and new payment sections.

Competitor review

In order for Walley Bank to stand out from the competition, a visual competitor review was our starting point. Looking at the 5 major banks in Australia, we created an overview of their look and feel.

competitor review


Walley Bank wanted to be different and stand out from the status quo. This moodboard helped us to get a good feel of the visual direction in terms of fonts, shapes, colours and illustrations.



These initial sketches were a starting point to then create the high-fidelity designs.


The designs were tested among 8 users and had to complete the following tasks:

  1. Make a payment to your friend Tim
  2. Change your settings to receive the monthly Walley newsletter
  3. Check how much money you have left in your savings to go out for dinner this month